Aakanksha Manan – Spreading the heavenly aromas of "Lets Eat"


What are the two golden words that can spread smiles across geographies?

Let’s eat


This is exactly what Aakanksha Manan is doing with her delicious home baked delicacies. A high flying corporate trainer, Aakanksha was happy in her life, until almighty decided to bless her with a child. During her pregnancy Aakanksha stepped into a new realm of life where her purpose of life changed from her professional/personal needs to providing her daughter with a fulfilling life. Aakanksha wanted to instil the values of a successful and holistic life into her daughter and she also wanted to enjoy motherhood along with work.

This is exactly when she decided to take the plunge into Entrepreneurship and start her chain of home baked wonders.

Let’s Eat:

RedVelvetLet’s eat is a home run bakery which specialised in custom made cakes and cupcakes along with our sweets and savoury baked goods. Aakanksha uses the best in the class products for the items in her bakery and everything is cooked under proper vigilance and the hygiene of her kitchen.

Sneak peek into the kitchen:

Days in Aakanksha’s life starts with switching the kitchen and filling the surrounding in the heavenly aroma of delicacies.  Perfectly balancing her personal and professional life, Aakanksha gets over with her baking tasks before her daughter wakes up. Because that the little princess needs all her attention. Later in the day, the professional side of Aakanksha craves for checking her emails and order status.

Moving on afternoon is dedicated to decoration and beautification of her baking creations.  Evenings belong to the lady herself as she devours on socializing in the park with her husband and society habitants. Back home she engrosses again into getting ready for the other day and tending to rest of the decoration work.Newspaper_Cake


The biggest challenge for Let’s Eat has been efficient marketing of her product.  Aakanksha has been using social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread the word among the masses. Exhibitions also showcase themselves as promising marketing platforms. Burgers

Aakanksha believes to survive in this business and grow, consistency is the key word. If you are successful in delivering high quality products to your clients all the time, the client becomes your brand ambassador.

The basic mantra for success for her business remains giving her 200% to every order irrespective of the size and budget, to keep up the good work and keep the happiness of her employees and clients above everything else.

Sailing the difficult times:

The rock solid support of her husband and mother has been instrumental in helping Aakanksha to sail through the difficult times. The famous quote from Albert Einstein- ““LEARN FROM YESTERDAY, LIVE FOR TODAY, HOPE FOR TOMORROW. THE IMPORTANT THING IS NOT TO STOP QUESTIONING.”  Keep Aakanksha firm and defiant in her endeavour.

A women with a simple business philosophy, Aakanksha believes that there is not room being second in life, so why be second best when it comes to business.  So keep learning, keep growing and become better than everyone else in competition

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