Asa Ferreira: Meet this 23 year old who is building an empire one business at a time!


Pune girl Asa Ferreira is all of 23 and already a head of multiple businesses. She heads a small start-up called Socio Loca which as she says, has ‘big clients and bigger aspirations’. A product of St. Mary’s, Bishops and Symbiosis, Ferreira is a complete Pune girl though work makes her travel to near and far locations frequently. With a life mantra of ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’, she suggests that one imagines everything they want from life, visualises it, dreams about it with an obsession and then shapes it into reality.

Talking about Socio Loca and the businesses she is associated with, Asa told me, “Socio Loca is a digital agency with a penchant for getting word about your brands out. Our work is about creating identities and building relationships between brands and their customers. We started off purely as a Social Media Agency, now social media is just one of many the verticals we have to offer. This has happened primarily with an aim to offer an all-in- one solution for brands, and also because my team has passionately adapted, learned and evolved with every need that a client had. I have recently taken on a role as VP, Marketing with United Basketball Alliance, India’s most proficient men’s professional basketball league and also a directorship at a Dubai and MENA focused startup namely Starkey.” Wow, all of 23 and already doing so much! And why not! Asa draws a lot of inspiration from her father who had himself started his business as young as 21.

To have accomplished so much so soon, one needs to start early. Asa herself had started off by taking up multiple internships during college for experience in various fields, mainly marketing, branding and content writing. “Through some inspiration I chanced upon the world of digital marketing and fell in love with all there was to it. I worked as a journalist at Femina for about a year before my first job at a digital agency. It was here that I learned what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to invest my faculties,” Asa explained. “I found what made me reverberate with passion, took things one day at a time and figured what I wanted to dedicate myself to, then made the decision to start Socio Loca, and haven’t looked back ever since,” she gushed.

I was curious to know how they manage to score clients specially when a lot of Indian businesses still don’t understand the need for content driven social media marketing and her answer threw a fresh perspective to the scenario, “By the grace of God, we haven’t had too many run-ins with low budgets per se, so long as a client sees noteworthy results from our arrangement. That’s also from the fact that we have a strong portfolio to back our demands. It is my belief that you should only quote what you are due, there is no point in high-balling in a fledgling market like Pune. Our focus, rather than just expanding our portfolio is to ensure that the best possible solution is crafted for every client. Also, in this ever growing market of rapid development there have been a growing number of clients that are willing to go digital which has worked in our favour.”

To other young women, or even older women, since there is no time limit to start your own venture, Asa suggests, “Don’t let fear get the better of your decisions and choices. You would be doing yourself a great disservice by bowing to fear or insecurity, and an even greater disservice by giving too much thought to the distinction between you and men.” She stresses on how she believes that more than multiple plans, what is important is that one has a ingle, focused goal. True to any Harry Potter fan, she uses a reference to explain better, “Fear was manifested in Harry Potter books through dementors. Dementors exist because people allow them to exist and prey on their fear. The only way to destroy them was to look them in the eye, think happy thoughts and finally laugh aloud refusing to let it take you down. Trust me, you can’t imagine the weight you’l slide off your shoulders once you learn to laugh at your fears and reduce them to insignificance.”

Asa is already taking the digital media industry by storm and we wish her the best, always!


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