Avica Bedi – Meet the young student who is making availability of information for students easy through Campus Drift!


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Shahrukh Khan once said “Be a philosopher but make sure you have enough numbers in your account first. Nobody listens to a poor philosopher.” and “Aut viam inveniam aut faciamand it translates to “I will either find a way or make one.”

Today we are talking to the very special Avica Bedi, the person behind Campus Drift – A Media /Resource Portal started in New Delhi in 2016. Avica begins by telling us that when a person enters college they are clueless about their new life. There was a dearth of a common platform to find information, entertainment, and connections at one place and that’s what motivated her to start Campus Drift.

Campus drift is a student organization for students, by students. They act as a student media portal along with providing a platform to connect, spark conversations and consume amazing content around college life. Their target audience is college going students of Delhi/NCR and Mumbai regions. They plan to expand it to other states too and the audience segment they serve is between 18-25 years of age. Going forward they plan to connect and reach out to all the 20 million plus college students of India. They give the students their whole college life mapped, starting from their aspiration to enter a dream college till the time they graduate and require a job.

Avica was a very obedient child and managed to get good grades in school and was an avid reader since childhood. As a final year student, she adds that she is very happy as she chose to study English Honors to Engineering in Delhi University. Her typical day is to go to college, attend classes and do regular college stuff in the morning. Soon after she comes back home she starts working to find new clients for them or editing the content to be posted etc. Since the entire team consists of students they become active for WhatsApp discussions at 11 PM talking about future strategies and new trends. This is followed by some general reading or some online work relating to the Company.

Since the entire team consists of students, the biggest challenge was to make a difference in the minds of students who initially thought of them as just another Facebook page and the journey from just being a Facebook page to becoming a leading brand has been quite amazing. They beat most of their challenges with the help of their team’s persistent efforts and enthusiasm. They tried different ways to connect with students, did some innovative campaigns and managed to stand out in the minds of their audience. Avica further adds that the most effective way to get new clients is CONFIDENCE and their constant belief in the principle of under-promising and over delivering has helped them in this journey.

Avica has always been a very career oriented person. Whenever she has her low phase or feels de-motivated she goes through their website and sees a hundred ways to improvise. Her team keeps her motivated and their enthusiasm is what keep her going. Avica is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and draws her inspiration from him and also her mother. She says her mother has seen a lot of difficulties in life but she never gave up. She calls her mother’s persistence and self-control as very important traits in a human and that’s what keeps her motivated during hard times.

Avica’s advice to everyone is “Do whatever you think is right. Others will probably go on with their lives (and die) but what remains is you, your passion and your dreams. Never compromise with them”. She follows a simple business philosophy and says that she believes in giving value to her readers and clients through her content and campaigns. Business is about innovation and numbers and according to her it needs to be built on innovation and principles. If anyone says or does anything against numbers, innovation, and principles, they are not actually doing a business!

Team Storified.me wishes Avica the very best in life.