Meet this sister-in-law duo who joined hands to start Eazelly – a celebration of uniqueness, individuality, and entrepreneurship.


“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” – Margaret Mead

The quest for quirky and uniqueness is a quirk by itself. Only a select few have it and they shine in the crowd. We all have friends/relatives who have the awesome décor/ handicraft items that they picked up on one of their vacations. We want to have such things for ourselves but it is always a lost opportunity.

Sonal and Nimrita have turned their quest for quirk into a platform which makes everyone’s quest for quirk a little smoother. Eazelly has been started from the love and passion of discovering of all things unique (and owning them), such as statement pieces that stand out on you or in your home. Sonal started writing and sharing information on all the one of a kind piece that can be found in Delhi and later her sister-in-law Nimrita, a PR and Marketing Expert who had the same passion joined hands to start Eazelly – a celebration of uniqueness, individuality, and entrepreneurship.

Eazelly is a marketplace in the purest sense. eShops or entrepreneurs etc. can open their own shops online and list their products and manage all aspects of their business. eShops state their own policies, and when an order is placed, they get directly notified and respond to the customer. An order is shipped and tracking information is entered into Eazelly and the customer is informed. Providing an end to end solution, an eShop manages their own inventory from within Eazelly itself and the platform can be used to manage tax and generate invoices (GST ready too!).  A major selling point for Eazelly is their values. They pride themselves on being the collective for all things hand-made, heart-made & thoughtfully sourced. “As such, we will curate eShops in order to stay true to our values and the values of each of our existing eShops”, they tell us. The platform also ensures that homegrown makers & artisans have all the creative freedom to innovate and expand their business without worrying about marketing. The platform is truly plug and play – the artisan doesn’t have to invest a penny to set up a shop! They can just go online, sign up, apply to open a shop, we approve within 48 hours and they can start listing and selling to a country-wide audience.

The platform is very powerful and is designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, to give them complete control, operationally and the autonomy on how they manage their shops. The duo has major expansion plans with international order facility being planned next in line. While there is a niche market for home-made products, one of the biggest challenges faced by Sonal and Nimrita has been convincing the masses to opt for a little expensive handmade item than a cheaper factory produced counterpart.

By employing direct interaction techniques such as participation in various events, exhibitions and pop-ups all over the country they have now understood their needs of the target audience and are better equipped to surmount the challenges. “These offline events have helped increase sales & increase brand recall while we continue building the Eazelly brand through various online activities as well! Similar to our experience with customers, we believe the most effective way to onboard new shops is through building relationships. We constantly speak to all our partners on the phone and understand what they need from a marketplace”, shares Sonal and Nimrita.

Now that we know a lot about Eazelly, let’s get to know the masterminds behind this brainchild. A business family born Sonal and an Engineer-based family born Nimrita, bound


today by a relation are the perfect yin to the other yang. These superwomen start their day early to get their power on. While Sonal begins the day with a healthy breakfast and retires early to indulge in family time, Nimrita begins the day spending time with family. Both the women handle multiple calls, emails and crisis(s) on a typical day and keep the carousel spinning. Sonal insists on financial knowledge and awareness to all would-be entrepreneurs while Nimrita feels experience truly matters, whether it’s your own or your mentors!

“At Eazelly, we spent a year on engaging with potential sellers, understanding their requirements and challenges before we launched our platform. Don’t be afraid to change, adapt and innovate if things aren’t going as per plan. Be frugal, be wise with your expenses and cash flow”, they elaborate.

Building a one of a kind platform is exciting but sure comes with its own set of challenges.

How do they push all doubts aside and motor on?

“When you go all in, it’s difficult not to be motivated. Constantly engaging with our sellers and customers is extremely motivating. Not to mention, the Eazelly team that is working so tirelessly together to build something special. I’m blessed to have started a business with family – my sister-in-law & my husband”, they tell us.

Explaining that they are each other’s biggest support system, and keep each other motivated through the lull times they recount how every time they receive a testimonial from an eShop or an Instagram post from the customer, their day is made. Their biggest support systems are indeed their family with Sonal’s dad proudly proclaiming that “once she sets her mind, she can do anything in the world” and Nimrita’s husband describing her as a “focused, intelligent and passionate person who turns her cant’s into cans, her dreams into plans!”

We at wish them great success on this path to being quirky – May they achieve greater success in the days to come!


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