Entrepreneurs India – The Podcast that was downloaded 40,000 times in the first three months!


                   There is more to learn from failures than there is to learn from success.

Jai’s story of how he created AskJai Media teaches precisely that.

Jai’s journey began like any of us. He was born and brought up in Hyderabad  and he went on to pursue his masters in U.K. Afterwards,   he took up a job in a global Oil and Gas company as the IT Manager and settled in U.K.  In this placid life came a whirlpool of ideas when he got involved with a start-up  ‘ that did not work out well.’   Immediately he realised, as he says,

“The problem was me! I don’t think I had enough knowledge about what it takes.”  

But Jai did not give up there. And that is the mark of his personality.  He went on to investigate further on the factors that lead to this failure.  He started reading extensively about start up stories and listening to podcasts and THERE! There was the epiphany! He realised that there wasn’t enough information about the real trials and tribulations of Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs speaking  about their journey, themselves. Only these could be used as milestones in the journey of other budding businessmen.  And such pieces did not exist at all. Instead of landing in a world of demoralization and confusion Jai decided to create for others  what was not available to him. He saw it as an asset, as a virgin land to explore  for himself instead of seeing it as a drawback.

Jai exclaims that “that was an opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands.”And  Boom! This was the birth of AskJai Media and Entrepreneurs India Podcast.

He decided to create a platform where successful   Indian Entrepreneurs are interviewed about their journey. For this, he needed a team and he did not hesitate to  team up with two more enthusiasts that he had  collaborated with online. Jai and his virtual team have never met to this day .  “We leverage the technology to best, “ says Jai and leads the foundation of AskJai Media and Entrepreneurs India Podcast.

Through AskJaiMedia  Jai manages to help  a lot of budding entrepreneurs, with questions like what to expect while starting up. He  throws the much-needed  light on the hurdles that come during the initial stages of a start-up and also provides motivation to our potential entrepreneurs. It also shows some Angles to entrepreneurial-ship  that Jai himself did not have  the luxury to receive. The episodes are educational as well as inspirational. Jai in his podcasts  further goes on to ask these heroes of the entrepreneurial world to recite their favourite motivational quote that gave them the drive to pursue!.

Well, they say that ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull lad !!so  What more?  Jai made sure that the episodes are entertaining as well! The first show received 40,000 downloads within the first three months .The podcast has been the top podcast on i-tunes for the last three months.They are as much made for entertainment. Jai in his interviews takes special care to maintain the element of humour in his interviews.  “We are the source of information in your journey ahead and we are your alternative radio with on-demand content,” says Jai in his USP.


And that’s not IT.  He has taken special attention that these shows are available to all. For this he makes sure that the size of the audio file is as low as possible. “a 30 min high-quality episode is of the same size as one Bollywood video song” claims the founder. Any user with a smartphone , which means even a sabjjiwala , can download the episodes on wifi and subscribe to Entrepreneurs India. The new shows will be downloaded automatically to him.What better democratisation of knowledge?

Now there is no stopping for Jai just here.  One of the things that he learned from various entrepreneurs that he interviewed is the importance of focus says he.  His first show is called Entrepreneurs India. And Jai now focuses on extending his energy and all his faculties on arriving at 100,000 downloads a month for his show. He is also planning to come up with a show on the lives of N.R.Is. For this, he plans to concentrate on the trials of the people living far away from home. People like him.  Starting from the cultural clash that they face to family issues in India, raising kids etc, He plans to voice all the issues faced by this section of the society. He promises more shows for his audience in the future.

He is already nominated for the Entrepreneurial Supporter of the year award in the U.K. His company already has more than 3000 followers on the social network. And these are just a few of his achievements.  And guess what , all this while he is still working a full-time job!!  Could it get any better? Jai’s journey is a testimony of what we hear around us all the time but seldom believe, ‘nothing is impossible’.

Jai – AskJai
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