Meet this quirky startup Flintstop making life easier and fun for us all!


Fast paced, hard and absolutely no time for anything. Sounds like we are describing your life? Well, that is how our generation works. We have all the time in the world but no time at all. It’s a fix we all live in. We work hard, party harder and love making our lives easier so that the nitty-gritty’s don’t stop us moving ahead.

The geniuses at Flintstop realize this and have made their lives mission to make our lives easier and more fun in the process. Flintstop is a one stop shop for all the 21st-century products which range from quirky, innovative to unique. From kids to teens from working women to old men, they have it all. The motto they follow is “You’ve got a problem? We have a solution!”

If we start describing all the products of theirs, am sure one would be unable to finish reading and start binge-shopping. Let us just quote a few anyway, so that the cravings are met later!

  • An alarm clock that runs around; you got to run behind it to shut it.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner to the rescue for the all-day out people.
  • Card deck shuffler, drinking hat, drinking
    roulette, skull decanter, drinking ludo, drinking Jenga for the party loving people.
  • Foldable, magnetic and waterproof calculator, VR box, 3d doodle pen, hoverboard for the tech lovers.

Their products vary from the must-haves to the quirky ones that spice up your life. Their specialty is that the inventory is curated in such a way that they have something for everyone. The customer bandwidth that they cater is a loyal, quirk-loving segment which they retain by constantly innovating. The founders take pride in declaring “Our products are anything but the mainstream”.

Let us rewind a little bit and check the origin of the quirks. Tejas Jhaveri, the founder has always been fascinated with technology and toys. In his younger days, he would brainstorm on the functionality of television sets and radios by dismantling them. Till date, he finds his candy land in every electronic store he visits.

He also teaches as an e-commerce professor with IIDE at colleges like HR, JAIHIND, KC, NM, VJYTI, KJ Somaiya etc

He is a hardcore gamer, dismantles products and reassembles them, builds drones. He is currently learning the raspberry pi. He is also a web and app developer.

A life changing Hong Kong exhibition enchanted him and that’s when he was confident of what he wanted to do in life.  Tejas connected with the products displayed in that exhibition, but what enticed him to become a player in the very market is when he realized that there is a gap between supply and demand.

Hence, why not bridge the gap with an e-commerce?

“Flintstop was started for the sole reason of making your life a tad bit easier whilst adding some fun and color by finally finishing it off with a side of a smile. The name Flintstop dives deeper into its meaning. For when an idea comes along, we’re hell-bound on curating it if it’s attainable. You could mildly put it as striking stones together to create a spark—which we call an idea—and finally, a small evolution of technology emerges to make your world a better and faster place. What really encouraged and motivated us, was receiving the first order on launching the website. It made us realize that there is a need for our quirk!” says Tejas describing the journey.

Flintstop comprised of two people at its inception; Tejas and one office boy. All tasks were handled by the two of them – from listing online, to packaging, marketing, and even deliveries. Today, Team Flintstop comprises of 12 full-timers and 3 part time employees who are extremely hard working and passionate.

The team handles day to day orders and live in the workspace by playing monodeal, carrom and of course their own drinking games.

The journey sounds fun but one wonders where this is going, what is the end game?

“It does not just end at selling products. The vision is to be an inventor, look out for problems and come up with products that solve those problems”, they tell us.

They are also working on building an Innovation Centre for people who have the product ideas but lack the skills to build those products. Here, they can turn their dreams into reality. Flintstop will also help them through mass manufacturing as well as crowd funding. The team is very sure about one thing and that is: The goal is to be known in history as life changing inventors.

From humble beginnings such as 1 order in 5 days at the inception stage, they have grown to receive 20-30 orders after 3 months of business.

A bootstrapped company that began with an 8 Lakh investment, they currently sell online on their own website as well as 36 different marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Rediff, Paytm and much more. Taking the sales offline, they also have distributors and resellers across the country and also supply to the leading stores around India. Corporate Gifting is a major market for them with a prestigious clientele of Group M, Godrej, Sun Pharma, Etihad Airways, Aditya Birla and the like.

Flintstop has grown from a 150 square foot home office to a 250 square foot office and now a whopping 1000 square foot office. They also have plans to spread worldwide with retail outlets franchised, and are on the task of making their products one of a kind in the world.

Well, Team Storified.Me is excited to see their growth and wishes them all success in the near future!