Get Storified, is a new age media start-up which aims to bring forth the inspiring stories of day to day women from around us . So what is so special about these women?

We believe that every women is special and no one is less.  Our focus is the extraordinary common women who has inspired people with her sheer determination and has achieved or is in the path of achievement. We draw inspiration from the very normal to celebrities. Somewhere we feel this helps us connect way better.

Are you someone who feels battered by the pressure and is still not recognized?

Get Storified, tell the world you story and how you have achieved what you are today through sheer hard work and determination. You do not have to be famous to get featured, what you need is the courage to tell your powerful story that can shake millions and encourage them for a better tomorrow?

Do you have a story we should share? If yes, come share it with us and we will share it with the world.  We are always there to listen and share your opinions and achievements even if nobody else does.

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About us is a community showcasing the inspiring stories of unheard women. Led by Aakanksha Sadekar, a drilling engineer and a TEDx speaker, the team aspires to tell stories and showcase women entrepreneurs & businesses from across the world.

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