Learn how to make cakes, cookies, and cupcakes with chalkboard effect!


Storified.Me had a baking session with home baker Aditi Garware on June 3rd, 2016.

Aditi Garware is a cake artist who gave away lawyering to pursue a career in baking. She made it clear that one needn’t be an artist or have a good handwriting to master the simple technique of chalkboard effect in baking. “The beauty of the chalkboard effect lies in its asymmetry”, she said.

Aditi started off by showing the viewers two main techniques that could be used to get the chalkboard effect. Watch the entire video here to learn about the effect and how to end up with one like a pro. If you’re interested in baking and always wanted to learn how to master this amazing art of chalkboard effect then this is a must watch.

In this Facebook live session by Storified.Me, Aditi showed the audience how to make the chalkboard effect on a two-tier cake. She also worked on cookies and cupcakes. Whilst teaching the art Aditi answered questions related to baking by the viewers. You can get all the raw materials, switch on this video, and start making your own art with Aditi Garware.

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