MCaffeine: Bringing the amazing caffeine back in your skincare products!

MCaffeine: India's First Caffeinated Personal Care Brand

I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee.

The beverage which has been synonymous with instant rush and has been one of the reasons for puffy dark-circles is being used exactly as an anti-dote. Tarun Sharma and his team at Mcaffeine have brewed their way to the top by raising a top-notch successful funding of $300k from ace investors including Kaushal Agarwal – MD of Avendus Capital, Harminder Sahani – MD of Wazir Advisors, KK Mehra – ex-CTO of Capillary Technologies, Pranay Jivrajka – COO at Ola Cabs and Navjot Saini of Trafigura.

MCaffeine is a new revolution in the skincare department. It inculcates caffeine in personal care products such as shampoos and face wash, which offers a unique combination of energy and care. Caffeine is being recognized, breaking stereotypes for its magical personal care properties. It prevents hair-fall and firms up the skin. The medicinal properties of caffeine on skin and hair have been well researched.

“Raised fund will be used primarily on expanding the product portfolio and supply chain. The major focus will be to build an analytics engine for better product selection,” says Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder of MCaffeine

The origins of MCaffeine came from a place of anger as there has been an epidemic of fairness cream companies trying to sell insecurities in a tube to the masses. The victims are always the people who we hold dear to us the most. The folks at MCaffeine chose to take the task in their very capable hand and develop a brand which celebrates confidence and upholds inner beauty as the epitome. They wanted to stand for a brand which can be associated with confidence of an individual and not colour. They are aspiring to be a Make-in-India brand which is loved and recommended globally.

We were leaving our previous roles and were wondering what to do next. We discussed several ideas and homed in on building a personal care brand,” says Vikas Lachhwani, Co Founder of MCaffeine.

The team at MCaffeine saw the potential in personal care brands for the new age young-consumers. Now, why choose the thing you get in your coffee as a personal product? We have been ignorant of caffeine for its other superpowers. This new information struck them while researching about extracts, they found online literature which stated that caffeine is very nourishing for the skin. They roped in consultants who designed formulations for skin care and began creating caffeine-based products.

Education about the other side of caffeine and expanding as a business is not their only concern, they have other set of challenges to overcome. But, going against the Ayurveda trend is not something the young start-up is perturbed about.

“My mother warned me about going against a leading Ayurveda brand; but my grandmother used tea, since it had caffeine, to reduce puffy eyes. Caffeine is a new-age ingredient much like charcoal and ginseng, and helps in strengthening hair root and reducing cellulite. We expect the digital, hyperactive generation to see the benefits of using caffeine over tulsi or neem,” says Tarun.

Talking about the investment, Vikas, said, “We are in FMCG space but with a striking differentiation. This is a crowded space but we are well positioned to penetrate the market and capture the mind space of the young and millennials in India.”

The team at MCaffeine are really confident about the direction they are heading towards. Being a digital first brand they have scaled aggressively. “We launched the brand with 6 SKU’s including face wash and shampoo. We aim ourselves for $2 million revenues with 40 SKU and multiple sales channels in a year. We have sold more than 20000 units in less than two months and the customer response is overwhelming. We are delivering to more than 14000 pin codes across India and are working on International shipping as well,” says Vikas wants to congratulate MCaffeine for its ideals and hard work which have been successfully rewarded by a meaty deal.  We would also wish them the very best for their future endeavors.


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