How TVF managed to become permanent roommates with the NRI audience!

TVF Permanent Roommate (picture courtesy: TVFPlay)

Most of the Indian diaspora manages to stay connected with India  through its digital medium, be it movies, tv serials “soaps” or the content shared by friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. This has actually led to a new medium of reaching a greater audience through youtube videos. I first remember of hearing about TVF (The Viral Fever) on a Indian News channel somewhere way back in 2012 when they had come out with a parody song on a famous movie song. I remember sharing it with friends and laughing about it at dinner parties and I guess that was how I started reconnecting with the young people back “Home”.

One cold, dark December evening in 2014 I was looking online to watch something while cooking and some how I chanced upon “Permanent Roommates Episode 1” (now SE01EP1). First 10mins into the video and I was so hooked that I burnt the onions which I was frying. Web series was something completely unheard of especially from India, they had branded it as the first Indian web series which further lead me to watch all 5 episodes back to back. I started to eagerly wait for the second season but also began to explore all the other work they had done in the two years. TVF’s second drama series Pitchers also became a favourite in my house which is full of “entrepreneurs”.

So, when a dear friend offered me a chance to attend an exclusive premier of Season 2 of Permanent Roommates I just jumped the gun and said Yes! It was my first experience at attending any premier, funnily it was also the first time any web series was premiered. The screening began with a little introduction of the team by Arunabh Kumar (CEO, TVF) and Sameer Saxena (Director of Season 01) along with Biswapati Sarkar (Writer – PR 01/02). They shared briefly of how this pilot project became into an internet sensation.

The show begins in a very different setup, I was under the impression this could be a flashback to how Tanu-Miku first met. Tanya (Nidhi Singh) and Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) have continued to set the screen on fire with their terrific chemistry and top-notch acting. In this episode 3 new characters have been introduced, Mikesh’s family which includes veteran actors Asrani, Darshan Jariwala, Sheeba Chaddha. Till now we all knew that Mikesh was slightly crazy but now we find out his craziness comes from Daddy Choudhary and Dadda Choudhary! I particularly enjoyed the icebreaker between Mikesh’s mother (Sheeba) and Tanya. It steps away from the typical Indian “Saas-Bahu” saga and shows how two intelligent women can bond over the one person they truly love.

So if you havent seen the first Season dont worry, head over to and watch them back to back! If you want to just get a jist of the story just watch the quick revision below:

I know so many of my friends in the UK/US wait for something to come up from TVF and watch it on re-runs. I am sure someday we will proudly say “Hey I have Pitcher/Permanent Roommates/Any other TVF sitcom a 100 times just like Friends/How I met you mother etc.”

Keep up the awesome work Team TVF, you connect the Indian Diaspora with India than any YRF or Dharma movie! I can safely say, you have made a place in the heart of the Indians away from India.