Priya Poduval – The lady who is working hard to give four legged pals an experience of a lifetime!


“We dream every child has a pet and a mother allowing to have one.”

Priya, a resident of Pune had always been around dogs and has 3 dogs of her own who shared her bed, her life, and her dreams. When it was time to think about her career, she knew she had to do something for these four-legged living beings. Her pets especially the Labrador – Tyson, inspired her to start this venture — Peppy Paws Pet Resort. In 2010, she started the pet sitting service and left her well-paid job to start this premier resort for dogs in Pune.

Priya is a very lucky woman as even her husband quit his well-paid job and started working with her on this amazing venture. Peppy Paws Pet Resort provides a lot of services like — boarding, day care, training, swimming, grooming. They also provide recreational activities such as celebrating pet birthdays, organizing pet events, and pet pool parties to name a few. She also provides a place for pets to roam about freely, meet, and socialize with other pets.

Another key facility offered by Peppy Paws Pet Resort is an old age home for dogs who have retired and cannot move out with their owners. She said, “This facility was referred by someone to take care of their 13-year-old Labrador forever since his family was moving abroad and they could not take him along because of his old age. The moment we saw Max, we accepted him and as soon as he came to our place he adjusted instantly.” This incident made her realize that even senior pets have special needs. Her resort offered anything that could make their remaining life peaceful and magical.

Her business module functions on the basis of trust and emotions as she is responsible for their animals. Dogs are the most popular pets because they are very social and adjust easily with humans. Pet owners take care of their pets just like their children and are always ready
to invest on their well being. This is the point from where her idea completely took shape. Priya was aware that there were no pet facilities, except the usual backyard kennels. So her idea was to create a memorable experience for pets who cannot travel with their owners. This led to over 2,000 happy customers and over 1,000 happy dogs.12961514_1135187523182864_2889944550043302823_n

What keeps her going?

“The wet nose kisses, wagging tails to greet us every time, happy licks and unconditional love we get in return from the furry babies motivates us to do more and better each day.”

She is extremely passionate about dogs and can never get tired looking after them. Like any other start-up, she too started out small and had to face hurdles. Initially, Priya started working from a one bedroom house; when the response rate from the customers was good she moved into a row house. She ventured out without any funding. There was a time when she was taking care of 15 dogs, feeding them on time, grooming them, cleaning the place all the time and above all showering them with love, care, and attention.


Her first round of funding was from an angel investor. Soon, she moved into a 60000sq ft. facility and added many more services like pet tiffin service, pet taxi, critical care facility, pet cafe. She is extremely particular about creating the perfect environment for the dogs and setting up a beautiful resort with every kind of facility possible. There is every kind of facility available for a human being, so she went ahead and provided lovely services like a garden, play area, swimming pool, spa, and pet-friendly cafe for those four-legged creatures. Priya and her husband work round the clock to make sure that the doggies are well taken care of and even take their 6-month-old son along with them everywhere.

Peppy Paws Pet Resort targets people who do not mind spending well on the best quality products, food, and service for their pets. “We as a pet resort cater to such people who want to give their pets the best facility while they are away,” says Priya. Though it is challenging for her to live up to every pet owner’s expectations, she has managed to succeed in providing the best quality service so far. She further says that this kind of a job must be taken up by only those individuals who are passionate about these four-legged cuties. By 2017, Priya plans to set up Peppy Paws Pet Resort in all metro cities and plans to make this venture a household name. Her vision is to let every child have a dog and every parent to be encouraging their ward to own at least one.

Storified.Me wishes Priya all the very best in her future endeavours!


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