Rashmi Vaswani – The lady who turned her passion and hobby for chocolate making in to a “RAGE”!


“Life Happens, Chocolate makes the journey sweeter”

Chocolates can get anyone of us excited. It arouses our passions and tempts our senses, let us take this a step further – can you imagine someone making it a full-time business?

Meet Rashmi Vaswani, a business graduate from Bangalore who runs Rage – A Chocolate Manufacturing and Packaging Company, started in 2007. Rashmi says that rashmi-vaswani-1Rage Chocolatier is predominantly a woman-centric organisation with 90 % of their task force being women. Rage Chocolatier offers chocolates for all occasions – corporate gifting, wedding gifts, and landmark announcements.

Rashmi begins by telling us that she had a wonderful childhood; coming from a close-knit family, her mother always encouraged her to join art classes, craft workshops, and music classes. Always being an above average scorer in academics, extracurricular activities sure did interest her more. It was during her college days she realised that marketing was her forte and won many accolades in various inter college marketing events. She started RAGE whilst studying, as a hobby. She would make handmade paper bags and gift boxes in various colors and thus the name of the brand is ‘RAGE’ owing to its bright colors. At one point of time things came to halt as completion of MBA was her top priority. Post which, a regular 9-5 job in a financial consulting firm was something that did not please her soul. She was looking for something fulfilling and that is when she decided to pursue her passion – Chocolate making it was.


She reveals that every workday in her life is fresh, delicious and different. Meeting new clients, designing new bars for every season or just making chocolates of varying flavours is 10what excites her daily. When there are no client meetings happening, she spends time in their flagship store or the workshop where they make chocolates or in her office. Furthermore, designing new things or whipping up new flavours is her most favourite part of the job. As the target audience for chocolate is limitless; a chocolate lover, as well as anyone with a gifting need, is her potential client.

As exciting as it sounds, running a business of this sort is equally challenging. Currently, they have been given the opportunity to try to expand production to match the demand for their product in the market. She feels that challenges are hidden opportunities and the only way to overcome this difficulty is by taking aggressive measures to expand or increase their production capacity. Not to forget, only HAPPY CUSTOMERS is what keeps such business going.

Rashmi draws her inspiration from Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and says that her only motivation during hard times is CHOCOLATE and it keeps her going. Anything done with conviction, passion, and hard work will always be successful. She follows a simple business philosophy, “The only thing that can sit its way to success is a hen.”


We at Storified.Me wish Rage Chocolatier succeeds to satisfy the palette of every chocolate lover in the upcoming days.  If you would like to order some of these melting delicacies or are already considering gifting customized chocolates; below listed are the various platforms through which you can get in touch with Rashmi.