#StorifiedTravel – Lone Girl in a Wolf Pack : Roshni recounts Rishikesh!


As part of our awesome series #StorifiedTravel we bring you tales from Roshni’s diary as she travels through Uttarakhand with the Terrain Troopers.

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Ready for the journey before the break of dawn, we packed our bags and started off our journey with a nice steaming cup of tea. The agenda for the day was to drive down to Rishikesh and camp out on the banks of the holy Ganga. The 350 km drive seemed never-ending only made interesting by the fact that we stepped into UP and back into Uttarakhand to reach our destination.

We had a breakfast of hot pakoras, specially made chutney, raita, aloo chat and chai at a local tea hut. We were out of 324861696594b9ad97d2b4bf3dc25316-001the hill roads and traversing city roads again. We drove through the beautiful Nainital and even cut through the edge of Jim Corbett National Park, but sadly couldn’t spot any tigers or wild animals. One of the bikes had a slight chain issue and hence fell behind schedule by a couple of hours. For lunch, we stopped at a local dhabba and had lip smacking chicken masala with dal fry, roti and chaas (buttermilk). As we crossed a small township in UP called ‘Naagina’ we stopped to have their famous gulab jamuns, and boy they were delicious! Golf ball sized warm gulab jamuns, soaked in syrup and served in an earthen pot! A must try if you are in the vicinity.

We continued our journey and by 9:30 pm we had reached Haridwar! Even though it was night time, the place was beautifully lit up. You could see devotees chanting prayers, attending plays and even taking dips in the Ganges. As we slowly manoeuvred through the bustling streets of Haridwar packed with devotees and traffic, I couldn’t help but 2a332d1d68fbc3e6c7a32839a5751455wonder how beautiful and colourful this township would look like during the Kumbha festival. We reached Rishikesh at around 10:30 and slowly proceeded towards the camping site. Since it was the beginning of the weekend, the camps were pretty packed with visitors from nearby cities but we got our very own two comfortable and cozy tents. Before dinner, the guys dared to walk into the cold river and have a bath.

After a tummy full of chicken curry, paneer, and roti, while the riders retired onto the beds in the tent, a couple of us sat by the river, with our legs in the water and watched the clouds float by. How time flew by, I have no idea but a couple of hours later we were watching the sun rise right beside the Ganges. What a beautiful sight!

We then slowly proceeded towards the main city of Rishikesh and checked into a Hotel Lakshmi Palace to gear up for river rafting. A few adventurous souls left for white water rafting, cliff jumping and body surfacing, and a few of us, including me, stayed back to catch up on some work and sleep. In the evening we went out to get the bikes serviced and get all the vehicles checked properly so they sustained the long journey ahead. The night ended with a bottle of Godfather (local beer) and Blender’s Pride with paneer masala and roti! A good end to the day and a befitting farewell to Rishikesh!

They say money fills the pocket, while adventure fills the soul. It’s true. The pristine, unexplored land of Uttrakhand rolls out a lush carpet to welcome every adventure lover. Catch a glimpse of our adventure, that’ll leave you speechless.