Samrudhdi Suresh – This holiday season play the childhood game of Dumb Charades with “Sahi Pakde Hai” App!


                                                      Best of Both Worlds!

We love the rush of a corporate setup and also silently ache for the opportunity to get out there and start our own thing.

Samrudhdi Suresh, a Civil Engineer with a Masters from Penn State works with one of the hottest startups in the analytics field – Uptake in Chicago. However, the real feather in her cap is very Indian – it’s a Dumb Charade App called Sahi Pakde Hai!

The Indian girl realized that there is a huge gap in this market. While some dumb charades apps existed in the market, they were not catering to the Indian masses. Armed with this idea, she sought the help of her husband Ujjwal – the founder of Benchprep and a few other close friends (Patronous Inc Team) who jumped right in with Samrudhdi. The team built an app which gives us quite an easy way to play dumb charades.  The app is called “Sahi Pakde Hai” meaning “you guessed it right”. It has built-in categories of movies, actors/actresses, Hollywood etc. Once a player selects a category, words appear on the screen. The player places the phone on his/her forehead while the other player acts/describes the word that is displayed. The goal is to guess as many words right as possible within 60 seconds.

The app released in May 2016 after 3 months of hard work by the team. Now, after being available on Android Play Store, this 7-month-old app has 15,000 users with 2000-3000 increasing every month. This free app is highly rated (4.3+) on the play store with excellent reviews and feedback from the users. The specialty of “Sahi Pakde Hai” is the video functionality where the phone camera captures the video of the player acting out the words/movies on the screen while playing. This ensures the fun can last way longer than just the time you play! The app currently works on a freemium model, as in while the basic app is free some of the features can be purchased in-app.

Samrudhdi’s plan for the next few months is to add more categories, content and also work on marketing the app so that the app has better reach leading to a surge in the number of users.

While the app has now been widely well appreciated, Samrudhdi tells us, “Building an amazing user-friendly product is, of course, a very challenging project, but just building a solid product is not the end game. I think a bigger challenge for me is to market it and reach to all the potential users out there. As I live in the US and the majority of my users are in India, it is challenging for me to reach out to them directly. Social Media has been a great channel so far. My Facebook page has been getting good engagement where I post videos of people playing the app”.

The target users who are generally between 16-35 years of age are usually more vocal and available on most of the social media websites. Hence, Samrudhdi uses her Facebook page to engage with them. She also finds the insights provided by Facebook on the ads and promoted content extremely helpful while devising the next steps in marketing, product development, etc. Video marketing is also another tool which Samrudhdi swears by.

However, like all other products Samrudhdi feels that the app also gains a lot of its users via word of mouth. Good experience makes the user want to refer it around in his/her social circle.

Samrudhdi’s childhood and upbringing have played a huge role in her being the person she is now. A balanced schooling which exposed her to loads of extra-curricular activities strengthened her personality and equipped her to be a leader in the real sense. Also, her global experience derived from studying in US and Europe has made her a very understanding person. Her favorite quote is “Live and let live”. “Having lived in several countries and with diverse groups of people, I feel that no way is right or wrong. People have their beliefs and ways of life. Every person is a distinct individual and should be treated that way. I love living my own way, making my own choices and decisions and I feel that people should respect each other’s choices and differences”, she explains.

So, how does she manage to work in a challenging environment like Uptake and devote time to “Sahi Pakde Hai”?

“I usually have rushed mornings and on good days I manage to eat some breakfast before leaving. Work days are pretty busy with meetings and deadlines but I try to keep a good balance by working out a few times a week after work. Weekends are mostly some plans with friends in the city”, she tells us in response. A positive and optimistic person, she believes in making quick changes and resolving the issues that are in her control rather than complaining about getting stuck. She tells us that she drives her inspiration from her Structural Engineer father, who has worked tirelessly many a night making the blueprint become a reality. Samrudhdi strongly believes that her heart lies in creating a mobile game app for people which actually takes them out of the mobile and makes them enjoy interacting with each other.

Well, we definitely feel that this is the need of the hour and we at Storified.Me wish the team of “Sahi Pakde Hai” and Samrudhdi great success in all their ventures!