Saniya Sarguru – Meet the girl who auditioned for Masterchef at 18, got rejected, started her own bakery all while pursuing her Graduation!

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It is rightly said, ‘Men who say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen often forget that it is where the knives are kept.’ Working in the kitchen has been one of the signature work associated with woman oppression. But the kitchen is the world where there are already discoveries to be made and the women who want to fly can take off from the kitchen as well. Storified.Me is privileged to bring you the story of a young woman entrepreneur, Saniya Sarguru, who is baking to her heart’s content for running her business, Baked Beauty. An entrepreneur father, who is her inspiration is someone she looks up to for advice and support. In a country, where children become engineers before they can decide what to do with their lives, Saniya is a graduate in Business Administration. The 18-year-old had set forth on her baking journey since class 10th when she auditioned for MasterChef. She couldn’t qualify further since she didn’t know how to bake. And that event challenged her to push herself to the edge, take the risk for a start-up and kept on learning to keep on growing.

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling” – Fabienne Fredrickson

Brought up in a man’s world and under the impression that business is a man’s thing, Saniya was shy and introvert as a child. She started looking at entrepreneurship while at college. Saniya believes that women tend to be better as entrepreneurs because they are better at managing lives living different roles simultaneously. Entrepreneurship has given Saniya self-dependence and self-esteem. She started watching YouTube videos to learn the art of baking and her need to be independent, created her vision of Baked Beauty. It is an online bakery, delivering online through Facebook, Instagram & Zomato,  providing customized baked products at the doorstep. Baked Beauty delivers in the Delhi and NCR region.

Saniya has faced challenges on different fronts. Her family, initially was apprehensive of her idea of such a start-up. However, as things worked out in her favour, she received her family’s incessant support, especially her father who has been her all time ideal. She was also going through a crucial phase in her career as she was pursuing her graduation while she was also trying hard for her start-up to succeed. Balancing work and studies together were severely challenging. She figured it out by studying in the morning and baking into the night, as doing something that she loved wasn’t tiring and kept her awake, owing to the enthusiasm she had for baking. She was also challenged by the extreme competition in the market, especially because of her location. Delhi and the NCR region are one of the most difficult markets to enter as they are mature in every sense. Any business idea one comes across, one can find a start-up in metropolitan cities. Working her way through the mature market, Saniya managed Baked Beauty to bear fruits. She primarily relies on facebook and word of mouth to gain customers. She has also explored digital marketing for the same. Participating in different competitions, she also manages to get customers from there as she makes them try out her different products.

Fighting against challenges at different fronts, Saniya has managed Baked Beauty perfectly after starting up post school. She believes that a recent broadening of the society’s vision of women in entrepreneurship has led to a national motivation of women to start-up with their own ideas. This confidence has given her the vigour to keep on moving forward even if circumstances are working against her. She believes in doing what is right which is what makes stand out in the crowd of easy going people.

Here’s wishing Saniya may all her endeavours be baked in all colours of success.