Shilpa Mahana Bhatnagar – Meet this techie who is out to create wearable devices for child safety, now you can track your child on your smartphone!

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Becoming a parent is like entering a secret club, the pain, joys and anxieties are known to only the others in that club. On a serious note, they say you never stop being a parent. One would worry about their kid’s safety no matter the circumstances and the kid’s age.

In today’s age of troubling times, one worries, even more, owing to the disturbing incidents we read, hear and see on a daily basis. One such incident pushed Shilpa to start Evoxyz. To quote her favorite quote, “Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how we react to it. So control it yourself.” That is exactly what she did. Being a technology subject matter expert, Shilpa honed our expertise in making a difference.

Evoxyz is an IoT tech startup in the business of building of child safety solutions. They are primarily wearable devices for children and enables parents to get real-time updates about their location and well-being on their smartphone. The products are available through online retail channels. The enterprise deployments are done in schools and institutions where the products are sourced by the institutes themselves and later provided to the parents. In this setup, parents can locate the child even within indoor premises and get alerts when they enter or exit a safe/unsafe zone.

Working as a subscription based model, Evoxyz attracts their customers by providing live updates of child whereabouts and differentiates from others as it also facilitates parents to participate in building an intelligent system for the community.

Born and brought up in a Punjabi family, Shilpa spent most of her childhood in Chandigarh. Always a sensible person, the same attitude is carried into the way she runs Evoxyz. Shilpa feels that being honest in the offering and exhibiting the real touch and feel of the product to the customers really helps them secure a customer.

All said and done, it wasn’t an easy path for Shilpa. Stepping out of her comfort zone, she had to face societal pressure and also manage the organization she built from scratch. But, taking it in her stride Shilpa tells us that perseverance and self-belief led her to surmount these challenges and take Evoxyz to another level.

She also gains inspiration by realizing that her journey is a wish-list for many and she has many peaks to climb yet. Right now, Shilpa’s day starts with Evoxyz and ends with Evoxyz; with some breaks for family and friends in between.

She strongly advises the budding entrepreneurs to believe in the work they do. In spite of some people disproving one’s idea, she tells them to motor on. “Always take feedback but incorporate it based on your vision and thinking. After all, your venture should be something that you want to make not others”, she elaborates.

A fan of Mr. Modi, Shilpa feels that profitability and a sustainable business is the key to building a great organization. Selling a product for free may de-value the product hence should never be used as a method of customer acquisition.

Well, it is clear that Shilpa is here to stay with Evoxyz to take Child Safety to every household in India.

Team wishes them all the very best.