How to take care of your skin during Summers | Beauty | Wellness | StorifiedMe


Storified.Me held a Facebook live event with Dr. Pallavi Sule on April 2nd, 2016.

Dr. Pallavi Sule is a Dermatologist, Trichologist, and Cosmetologist. In the Facebook live she spoke about the basics of skin, how summer affects your skin, to how you can take care of all those problems. She also gave out simple and doable tips for skincare during the summers.

Why does your skin get oily in summer? How should you keep your skin protected at all times? Should you resort to a facial? All these important questions and more were answered by here.

Dr. Pallavi not only explained ways to protect your skin during summer but also answered a lot of frequently asked questions by our viewers.
For all those of you who suffer acne breakouts and terrible skin conditions during summer watch this interview with Dr. Pallavi Sule for a complete insight. And yes! The information provided is for all skin types. Watch away!