TVF Tripling – TVF is back with a question would you take a roadtrip with your siblings?


After the runaway success of TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates, The Viral Fever is back with another fresh web series — ‘Tripling’. Having received a fancy invite from the “Tripling” to be a part of their exclusive screening of the first episode we made sure no meetings clashed and off we went to see the super creative TVF team.

Chitvan, Chanchal and Chandan – The Triplings

Here’s what we think about Tripling –

There is an immense difference in their production values of Tripling and the other web series. This is only their third offering, but they have reached great heights and are only growing bigger by the day.From the locations to the costumes, everything is top notch and has a sense of grandeur to it.The series has been shot for 29 days across Jodhpur, Manali, and Aamchi Mumbai.

Coming to the most interesting part — the concept. The story revolves around three siblings who set off on an unplanned road trip and about their emotional journey and the relationship they share.Though the first episode only establishes the characters, it is engaging, entertaining, and leaves you hungry for more. Be it the situational comedy or the relatability factor. TVF’s Tripling is here to set new heights and redefine sibling love.

In the 20-minute long episode, you’re already well-acquainted with the characters and their real life problems. And you know for sure that this is a journey you want to be a part of!
Chandan (Sumeet Vyas) plays the elder brother; his natural acting and comic timing is something you cannot miss.Chitvan (Amol Parashar) plays the youngest of the three and is cute in his own way. The way he refers to Chandan as “baba” is adorable. He’s lost, delusional, and believes in living in the moment. His character is very similar to today’s youth. Carpe Diem! Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo) is the one caught in between the two brothers and is introduced towards to end of the episode. From whatever little we got to see, we were left wanting for more. Tripling highlights the bittersweet relationship that siblings share in its own unique way.

The best part about TVF’s web series is that their themes are common yet relatable and it’s very today and freshly served. TVF’s Tripling doesn’t disappoint. It has been written by our very own Mickey Bhaiya AKA Sumeet Vyas and Akarsh Khurana. Director Rajesh Krishnan and the editor deserve a special mention here for taking the series to another height. TVF has been a hit from their first video and this series is sure to take them only higher.

Here’s a little background to the characters:
sumeetSumeet Vyas AKA Chandan Sharma: He left India for a fancy job in the US, fell in love with his American boss, married her, only to be divorced and of course sacked. He returns to India to find some solace with his family. Sumeet is back in this character which is much different from Mikesh of PR and he is ready to carve a new fan following!




 Maanvi Gagroo AKA Chanchal Sharma Painyuli: She is maanvivery comfortable with the opposite sex as she grew up with two brothers. Chanchal got married to a handsome Rajput prince (Kunaal Roy Kapur). Maanvi stands true the name Chanchal, bubbly as ever. Her screen presence is top notch.




amolAmol Parashar AKA Chitvan Sharma: He ran away from home after his elder brother left and sister got married. He pursues DJing and though he’s a rebel, he’s still the closest to the parents. Amol is the new add to the TVF star cast and trust us he is going to be our next favourite.




The brand that gave us the concept of web series is soaring high with every project and is still untouchable by any competition. TVF has a cult following and never disappoints its loyal viewers. Here’s to more success in the days to come!

Watch TVF’s Tripling only on TVFPlay or download the TVF app from the play store/app store. Because it’s not on TV, it’s on TVF. Tell us what you thought about episode one of Tripling in the comment section.

Watch the first episode here: Toh Chalein…S01E01