Technology isnt just for the young, meet the lady who is making our elders digitally literate! #iamstorified


We are constantly trying to catch up with two alluring trends – fashion and technology. While the relevance of fashion can vary for every individual, technology is now integrally entwined in everyone’s life. However, each one’s appetite for technology fluctuates as per their needs and interest. The majority of the technologically literate population belong to the 15 to 35 age group, which leaves the intuitively pro-digital gadget <14 age group and the struggling >35 age group – this where our digital fairy godmother, Vidhushi steps in.

While children have a larger-than-life interest in gadgets which if left unchecked, could even prove harmful for their development while older adults have a different problem where they aren’t literate enough technologically to embrace its benefits. Vidhushi’s “Clone Futura” attempts to strike a balance between these two contrasting worlds. The venture is built on the concept of providing digital guidance at your doorstep – whether it is enabling children to use technology to improve their performance at school or educating women, senior citizens
and other adults with digital gadgets/platforms, etc. to increase their overall awareness and apply it to different facets of their personal/professional life. What sets Clone Futura apart is their modus operandi – instead of standardizing their modules to classroom sessions, they provide simple and fast tech courses catering to their age-group and need right in the comfort of their homes. They also have online video manuals for their teachers with automated assessment and certifications. “Clone Futura is a growing movement, which has empowered over 58,000+ citizens within a span of 3 years”, beams Vidhushi.

Plenty of customer testimonials indicates the success of her venture which has proven to be the best possible marketing mechanism. “Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing” Vidhushi believes. We believe it is working wonders for her as result of her rapidly expanding customer base. “You can never judge a person unless you walk a mile in their shoes” is something we have heard of. Walking in the shoes of Vidhushi only gives a whole vidhushi-daga-founder-director-of-clone-futuranew level of respect for the woman that she is, as she juggles her responsibilities as a mother, a wife, a daughter and an entrepreneur. Her fitness sessions, time spent with her children, meetings with people for her venture, monitoring training sessions, etc are just a few activities in her packed daily schedule.

As Vidhushi’s entrepreneurial venture transforms the lives of several people, her now tangible dream came with struggles entailing funding challenges, lack of mentorship, appropriate talent acquisition, and the social stigma of a woman’s personal responsibilities trumping professional aspirations. Her confident and focused personality has been molded with a lot of care by her hero who is also her mother. With the support of her family and her pillar of strength represented by her husband, she overcame these obstacles successfully. Vidhushi has managed to not just recognize a pressing need, but also address it in the most convenient way possible. As she continues to fulfill digital dreams, we from the team wish her all the luck in the world to touch as many lives and give “literacy” an all new meaning!